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Staging a Vacant  Property

Capital Home Staging & Design has everything needed to

completely design and furnish your vacant property

Capital Home Staging & Design is Ottawa's premier vacant home staging company.  Our two warehouses full of staging material allow us to be more responsive, flexible and cost-effective. 

Professionally staged homes sell up to 70% faster than homes left vacant.

Staging an empty property costs much LESS than the carrying costs associated with having your empty home sit on the market over a longer period.

Professionally staging a vacant home costs thousands less than the first typical price reduction.

Skillful staging DRAWS buyers' attention online.  In person, viewers will experience the WOW factor as they walk through your now transformed listing.

Most importantly, a professionally staged home will differentiate your listing from the competition.




The Staging  Process


  • Establish a budget

We provide you with a price range estimate over the phone or email in order to guide you through this initial phase.


  • Book Initial Walk Through (This service is provided to you free of  charge):

- we tour your home, take the necessary reference photos and measurements

- next, we will prepare a proposal confirming the cost for your project


Each quote includes all the steps required for us to transform your home:

- inventory selection, coordination, delivery, carry-in & assembly

- home staging performed by a team of 2-3 staging professionals

- includes all aspects of home décor (furniture / accessories / drapery / artwork / etc.)

- proposals also account for the cost of future retrieval of inventory

  • Upon your approval, we forward a contract and get to work! 

  • Custom planning and inventory selection

This step is the most time consuming and, depending on the size of the home, we typically spend between 8-16 hours preparing for a vacant staging assignment.


  • In House Staging

    • Furniture & accessory rental for the initial four weeks

    • Home evaluation and room planning

    • Inventory coordination & selection

    • Coordination of delivery & pick up

    • Delivery, carry-in and set-up (Furniture wrapped / Fully insured)

    • In house staging with a team of 2-3 professionals

    • Light cleaning of rooms, staging furniture and accessories

    • Future retrieval of inventory


Typical Set-Up Timelines


Staging a typical home requires between 5 and 9 hours to complete

High Season (Spring / Summer) book 10- 15 days ahead of scheduled listing date
Low Season (Fall / Winter) book  7 - 10 days ahead of scheduled listing date

Get in touch and tell us more about your project.


Contact Us




Office Hours
M-F   9-6

Sat  10-4


Stager Hours

M-F 10-8
Sat 10-4

Home Staging FACTS 


  • (March 30, 2023) – Nearly half of seller's agents (48%) reported that staging a home decreased its time on market, according to a new report by the National Association of Realtors®. For both buyers' and sellers' agents, one in five (20%) said home staging increased the offer price by between 1% and 5% compared to similar homes on the market that weren't staged.

  • Staged Homes Sell 50-70% faster than unstaged homes.  


  • 9/10 of potential buyers do not have the vision or imagination to see or envision spaces beyond what they are shown. 


  • Staging costs LESS than the first price reduction.


  • Staging costs LESS than the expense of long carrying costs associated with selling an  empty home. 


  • Skillful, experienced and professional staging DRAWS buyers' attention online through more appealing and eye catching photos.  In person, viewers will experience the WOW factor as they walk through the door of your now transformed space.


  • Home staging helps to draw attention away from certain of your home's imperfections.  


  • When effectively staged, your home's appeal is broadened, your target market amplified and maximized.  This is most likely to result in a quicker sale.


"Home staging is no longer optional in this real estate market, it is a must!"

Barbara Corcoran

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