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Meet The Team

Kim Verronneau, Bcom


Kim's experience as a property stylist is fortified by her background in furniture design, fashion merchandising, time spent as a realtor and her business acumen acquired as a Certified General Accountant. 

With her Bachelor of Commerce degree in hand, Kim soon earned a reputation as someone who could manage the details needed in order to ensure projects were successfully brought to fruition.  Moreover, her design skills were immediately evident and soon Kim made use of this innate ability in order to transform humdrum retail displays, into attractive spaces that quickly drew customers' attention. 

Kim's experience as a furniture designer led her to refine her ability to improve balance and proportion within any given piece or room layout.  As a realtor, her involvement with home sellers  - and their varied spaces and contexts - allowed her to flex her staging muscles by helping clients maximize their homes' potential.

Today, as a partner at Capital Home Staging & Design and as a RESA member (Real Estate Staging Association), Kim consults with clients and puts her many years of practice to work for people who need to transform their spaces in order to engage potential viewers, and to maximize the potential return on their investment.

Kim is fluently bilingual.

Emil Turcotte, BA (Hons) MA


The trajectory leading Emil to home staging is one with many curves and bends along the way.  With a Master's Degree in sociology, a pocket full of academic awards, several semesters spent lecturing at Concordia University, and as the founder of Parallax Research - Emil spent years providing marketing, sales and business intelligence advice to over a dozen fortune 500 companies. 

In this role, Emil's expertise allowed his clients to better understand how varied audiences react to different messaging, symbols, images, contexts and stimuli. 

During this time, Emil's love for craftsmanship and design also led him to found Joseph Emil Design, a custom furniture design and construction firm aimed at making unique sculptural furniture.  Moreover, his love for design and construction led him through dozens of home renovation and building projects.

Emil's design work has been featured by Brian Gluckstein at the Toronto Interior Design Show; Tracy Morgan on the Cityline TV program; The Ottawa Citizen; Le Devoir newspaper and many other media sources. 

It is these life experiences and achievements that motivated Emil to acquire Capital Home Staging and Design Inc. - Ottawa's first award winning home staging company.  Today, as a partner and professional home stylist, Emil combines his social research experience spent learning about how people engage and react to what they see, along with his practical know-how earned from experience as a designer and builder.  This unique and diverse background allows Emil to guide clients through the many tasks required in order to transform a home into a product... one that sells quicker and for top dollar. 

Emil is fluently bilingual.

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