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Home Staging Consultations

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Home Staging Consultations

$275 - DIY Home Staging Consultation

A home staging consultant will tour your home and review all aspects of your listing.  This process takes about two hours to complete and will provide you with an exhaustive list of suggestions for you to implement.  


Our comprehensive and unique digital report will list all the information, advice and tips needed for you to quickly and easily style your space in order to promote a quick sale.   

Note that 90% of buyers cannot envision the potential of your listing.  Identifying key issues that impede buyers' capacity to clearly visualize your space is crucial in order to sell fast.  

A Home Staging Consultation costs thousands LESS than reducing the cost of your listing.  

Our home staging consultation report empowers you to make key improvements to your space thus attracting buyers' attention online and in person.

$300 - Staging to Stay Consultation

Using the same techniques employed in our DIY Home Staging Consultation, our Staging to Stay service provides tools for homeowners to improve their own space.  Our focus is not on making your home more marketable but, rather, on making your space more comfortable and livable.    

A Capital Home Staging & Design property stylist will review all aspects of three rooms in your house and prepare a report outlining specific recommendations to give your home an updated look.  We'll show you how to better use your current furniture, artwork and décor elements to update your residence.  We will also provide advice on how best to invest in order to improve and update the look of each room.

This is a full DIY report that you can use to transform your home.


This service includes:  

  • How to update the look of your space over time

  • Furniture layouts

  • Colour schemes 

  • Potential investments in décor and furniture

  • Special touches to make rooms stand out

This is the most cost effective way for any homeowner to get a comprehensive roadmap on how to transform their castle.

* Service includes three rooms per home.  Consultations for additional rooms is $50 per room

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