Home Staging Consultations

Home Staging Consultations

$250.00 - DIY Home Staging Consultation

A home staging consultant will tour your home and review all aspects of  your listing.  This process requires approximately two hours to complete and generates a list of suggestions for you to implement.


Our comprehensive and unique digital report will provide all the information, advice and tips needed for you to quickly and easily style your space in order to promote a quick sale.

Note that 90% of buyers cannot envision the potential of your listing.  Identifying key  issues that impede buyers' capacity to clearly visualize your space is crucial and beneficial in order to sell fast.

A Home Staging Consultation cost  thousands LESS than the first price reduction.

Our staging consultation report will empower you to make key improvements to your space thus attracting buyers' attention online and in person.

Colour Consultations

$250.00 - In Home Consultation

Changing a room's colour is a fairly inexpensive and easy way for you to revitalize and rejuvenate your space.  Carefully selecting a new colour, that will both complement and invigorate your space, has the power to transform a bland area into an inviting and pleasant room that you will want to lingor in.  However, choosing the wrong colour can be very counterproductive, time consuming and uselessly expensive. 


Our Colour Consultation service will save you from making this mistake.  Our experts are constantly trained and up to date regarding which colours are trending.  Moreover, our aim is to understand what's best for you, your decor and environment.  

Staging to Stay Consultations

Starts at $250.00 - In Home Consultation 

Staging to Stay employs many of the same techniques as owner-occupied home staging does.  The difference here is that our focus is on improving the home for the homeowner, rather than the buyer.

A Capital Home Staging & Design property stylist will meet with you at your home and review all aspects of your space and prepare a report outlining specific recommendations to give your home an updated and decor look.  We'll show you how you can use your current furniture, artwork and accessories to update your residence.  

This is a full DIY report that homeowners can use to transform their home.  


You will learn areas to improve or update over time, furniture layouts, colour schemes for main rooms and areas requiring a special touch.  This is the most cost effective way for any homeowner to get their hands on the blueprint and roadmap needed to transform their castle.  

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