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Attract buyers online with beautiful showcasing

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Services for Realtors & Builders

Realtors / Benefits

- Realtors benefit from substantial reductions when partnering with Capital Home Staging & Design.

- Contact us to learn more about our special offers and loyalty programs.

Our Vast Marketing Experience Will Sell Your Listing / Project Faster and for More Money

Ours is a marketing background.  As such, we understand and know how to direct people's emotions and guide

their behaviours.  Based on this strength, our strategy and tactics when staging homes, are based

on ensuring our work pushes on all the right buttons.  Our staging, from the foyer to the master

bedroom's closet, is designed to stop buyers thinking and start them acting. 

We turn viewers into buyers by ensuring they are driven by their heart and not their personal analytics. 

Builders & Flippers / Benefits

- Of course builders and flippers will benefit from staging their empty houses thus ensuring the sale is expedient and profitable.


- Flippers and builders also benefit when contacting us early into the process.  A consultation with one of our partners will 

  ensure your spending your renovations dollars in the right places thus ensuring a maximum profit. 


- Our experience has shown that relying on our expertise, at the planning stage, will maximize your profit and minimize 

  potentially costly mistakes.  

- Contact us to learn more about how to obtain free consultations for your flip project.


Staging Facts


  • Staging costs LESS than the 1st price reduction.


  • Staging costs LESS than the carrying costs associated with having to maintain an empty home.  Empty homes sit on the market for an average of 6 months.


  • When professionally staged, a home aims at a specific target market.  This is likely to result in a quicker sale

"Price gets you interest; staging gets you offers"  Gary Keller of Keller Williams

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