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Home Staging

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the act of preparing and showcasing residential or commercial properties for sale. It is a systematic and coordinated methodology in which knowledge of real estate, home renovations and creative design principles are applied to attract buyers.  Preparing a property involves all or part of cleaning, decluttering, updating and repairing, while showcasing is the process of arranging furniture, accessories, art and light.


Whether the property is owner-occupied or vacant, staging is recommended before listing a property.  It is recommended to stage a property before it is listed but, that said, it is equally effective to do so after a property has been on the market for an extended period unsold.


How Do I Select / Hire a Home Stylist?

The key to hiring the right professional home stylist starts with research.  As a result, selecting a home stylist based solely on price shouldn't be your only decisional criterion.  Instead, in addition to the proposed cost offered, remember to also review the staging company's portfolio, client testimonials, the stylists' education / certifications, industry awards, overall professionalism and experience. 


It is also important to consider all aspects that each supplier provides:  Do they own their own furniture and accessories?  Do they have liability insurance? Do they work alone or in a team? Do they have staging contracts to protect you both? Do they have a strong customer base that can serve to demonstrate past client satisfaction?  Overall we strongly suggest interviewing different professionals and proceeding with the one you feel can do the best job maximizing your investment return potential.   

When considering maximizing your home's value, 'investing' in its saleability - and appealing to the largest possible demographic - staging is likely the most cost effective way to getting 'top dollar' in the least amount of time.


I Booked An Appointment, How Should I Prepare For My Home Staging Consultation?

It is best for you to do nothing prior to our consultation.  As such, we can clearly outline what needs to stay and what we believe needs to go for each room.  Some clients "pre-pack" or declutter before we arrive but, more often than not, they end up having to bring back items that may help to highlight a space or nook.  Our consultations last about two hours and you will receive a detailed written report outlining our suggestions and all you need to know in order to improve your home's appeal. 


How Much Do I Really Need To Spend When Staging?

This depends on how fast you want to sell and on your home's current condition.  Some homes only need a few finishing pieces to be 'complete' while others would benefit from more updating  in order to appeal to a greater number of buyers.  


During your consultation we will discuss your selling goals as well as any budget you may have in order to improve your home's 'selling potential'.  Based on this information, we will provide you with many recommendations that, for the most part, cost you nothing to implement.  We will also, in some cases, list some investments that would help you sell your home faster and for more money.  It is very often the case that a relatively small expenditure yields appreciable returns and sets your listing apart from the crowd.  

What Return On Investment (ROI) Elements Can I Take Advantage Of?

This depends on many factors. A true ROI is custom to your home's current condition, desired list price and comparable homes on the market.  In order to properly advise clients where best to invest for a stronger ROI we need to perform a consultation. With that in mind, having an updated kitchen, bathrooms and master retreat generally yields a good ROI when done properly. The key to a good ROI is to avoid being too specific in your product selections.  This is an area where a property stylist can help you with.   


Can You Come Back And Help Me After The Consultation?

Of course! We are a full service Home Staging Company.  We offer a variety of services from shopping for decor & accessories specific to your home's needs to providing contacts with industry professionals for packing, moving, renovating etc.  Just contact the office to review quotes and schedule an appointment.  


Why Should I Stage My Empty/ Vacant Home?

Vacant homes are the hardest properties to sell because they are stark, barren and, most often, soulless.  Potential buyers have difficulty forming an emotional connection with an empty home and, as a result, are far less likely to pull the trigger or offer top dollar.  Real estate is an emotional business.  While it is important for your home to provide potential buyers with what they need (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, finished basement, etc.) our job as property stylists is to evoke emotion.  The viewer needs to 'feel' about your home. They need to believe that 'this is my home!'.  This is what we strive to achieve when staging a vacant property.  It is also important to note that a person's strong emotional link to a house will, in certain cases, cause a buyer to forgo specific 'needs' and accept shortcomings they would not otherwise do.  


The key fact is as follow:  On average, vacant homes sit for six to nine months depending on market conditions. This can be extremely onerous to the seller who has to carry the operational costs of a home month after month. 


As a result, consider staging as an investment and not a cost.  While you will spend to stage your home, this investment will likely be significantly LESS than the cost of a first price reduction.  The cost of staging will also be considerably less that all of the carrying costs (mortgage, insurance, taxes, utilities, etc.) associated with having to maintain your empty home sitting on the market for several months.  Selling faster is money in your pockets. 


Our staged homes sell 50-70% faster than unstaged homes saving our clients thousands of dollars. If you need help crunching the numbers give our office a call.  We have an exclusive "Staging Costs Evaluation Form" to outline how much you would SAVE by staging your home with us. 

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