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Staging your B&B

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Here's how we help you succeed with your B&B project:


* Consultations:

A CHSD consultant will provide you with a detailed road map explaining how best to layout/setup your space in order to accommodate and impress your guests.  

These reports are a cost-effective way of ensuring that every detail is addressed and that your B&B space will attract a high volume of renters while maximizing your revenue.


This service allows you to sit back and watch as we source, purchase, and setup all that is needed in order to ensure your B&B sits atop of the pyramid of available options within your market.


We take care of everything:   From purchasing the furniture and decor to the can opener and towels.  We coordinate deliveries and ensure all timelines are respected.

You benefit from our design expertise and organizational skills.  Moreover, you will enjoy and appreciate the cost savings we benefit from as designers.  Also, when appropriate, we will allow you to save even more by suggesting the purchase of highly discounted items offered from our vast staging inventory.

Get in touch and tell us more about your project.


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