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5 Layers of a Perfectly Staged Room.

(As seen on Rogers TV with Kristy Morrison)

So many people think staging is watching tv and learning how to make homes “pretty” Yes having an attractive element is important however their is a system to get their and when it’s missed it’s quite obvious.

Every single room that is staged by us will incorporate these 5 layers so it is effectively finished and doesn’t feel left baron or half done. This is what we specialize in so home sellers don't have to wonder if they are ready or not.

  1. CORE: This is the main furniture such as couch, love seats, chairs, coffee and ends. Essentially all large furniture placed in a room. There is such a thing as too much or too little and stagers need to walk that fine line.

  2. Balance: When staging the room needs to feel balanced we do this by adding lamps to end tables, two pillows to a couch and “Bookending” the space with appropriate sized items.

  3. Ground: Adding an area rug to the living space where the main furniture is found will physically ground the space. Ensuring furniture doesn’t feel like it’s floating around.

  4. Focal Point: Every single room needs a focal point from natural focal points such as fireplaces, high ceilings, amazing windows with a view or a man made one such as furniture or art. This will visually ground the space and draw your eye into this area.

  5. Warmth & Emotion: This is the MOST important element to staging a room and too many don’t do properly is adding warmth through additional pillows, throw blankets, plants (life) and reading materials for relaxation. The emotion element is the TRUMP card and should be used at least once in a property but can be in every room. This would be something that would connect emotionally to a specific buyers

Kristy Morrison

CEO Capital Home Staging & Design 613-832-8958 | |

Author of : Competitive Edge - Transforming your home & maximizing profits through real world home staging cases.


Note to our VIP Realtors.

Please feel free to share this article with your clients. I have given you access to this material one month sooner than my public launch. This is a great way to fill in your blogs, newsletters or other content with valuable information. Also should you have a topic you would like me to write about (staging or decorating) please email our office.

I only ask that you properly site where you got this information from using the contact information above.

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