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Gold Obsession Is IN!


I don’t know what has come over me but most recently I’ve become OBSESSED with the colour GOLD. Gold purse, gold necklaces, gold folders, gold planner, gold gold gold gold gold. When literally about 5 years ago I told my husband that I hated gold so much it disgusts me to see it! Harsh I know…..but at the time it was my arch nemesis!

I think the route of my hatred comes from the brass colour, so many think brass and gold are the same and yes it is quite similar and to the majority of the colourblind people out their it truly is different. Brass is not as shiny and a little darker with a brown undertone in colour, Gold is much shinier as well as a yellow undertone.

A quick reference is price points -if it’s cheap then it’s brass and has been branded as a “cheap and dated product” if it’s expensive then it’s gold or gold plated which has been branded as “luxurious and trendy” It’s quite funny how the fashion and decor industries work. This is why brass is now considered a dated colour -everyone has it and no one wants it.

I think my obsession started when I purchased a gold “orb” at a local decor store for staging. I was fighting the decision to purchase all through out the store trying to convince myself not to purchase this items (as well as some additional gold toned items accumulating) but ultimately I decided to purchase all of the items because it was for a home that really needed it to warm up the cold unpainted interior I was staging. So I swallowed my personal preference and continued on.

Day of set up I worked myself into a mental frenzy telling myself that I shouldn't have ever bought the items it will never work! (Even great stagers still scare themselves when they are trying to be bold and exciting) But to my surprise when I was finished I really liked the room’s warmth and feel overall.

I was officially sold that the colour GOLD was no longer an evil entity haunting my visual stimuli.

Since that staging day my obsession has grown and exploded into personal elements -and I’m even thinking of adding gold foil to my logo for a bit of a transformation.

But like all obsessions trends change - something tells me though that the luxurious feel of gold is here to stay.

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